Monday, February 5, 2018


Upcoming Dates:
  • Wednesday, February 14th- Classroom Valentine’s Day Parties
  • Friday, February 16th- No School (Professional Development for Teachers)
  • Friday, February 16th- Conference Sign Up Opens
    • Conferences will be held on Thursday, March 8th & Thursday, March 15th
  • Monday, February 19th- No School Presidents Day
  • 1st/2nd Grade Specials Program:
    • Thursday, February 22nd   6:15-6:45-
      • Mrs. Martino's 1st Grade & Mrs. Anderson's 2nd Grade
    • Thursday, February 22nd   7:15-7:45
      • Ms. Wilson's 1st Grade & Mrs. Woolums' 2nd Grade
    • Tuesday, February 27th   6:15-6:45
      • Mrs. Roon's 1st Grade,  Mrs. Steinher & Mrs. Graham's 2nd Grades
  • Tuesday, February 27th    7:15-7:45
    • Ms. Robart's 1st Grade and Mrs. Meier's 2nd Grade
A big huge Thank You to (parent volunteers) for chaperoning our field trip to the PACE center. Our
students did a great job and we were really proud of them for how well they represented Gold Rush!

We will have our class Valentine party on Wednesday,  February 14th. Children are welcomed to create
a Valentine’s Day Box to collect Valentines in. Please make sure that the opening on the box will fit a
card with candy attached  (if families chose to do that).  If your child chooses to make a valentine for
students in our class, please make sure that you bring one Valentine for every student in the class. A class
list will be sent home. Please also be on the lookout for a party SignUp.

1st and 2nd Grade Specials Program:

Our Earth Matters

The arts serve an essential role in helping to develop the whole child.  Our 1st and 2nd Grade
Specials Showcase is a way to highlight some of that important learning.  At Gold Rush Elementary
each year the first and second grade students explore a theme during their Art, PE, and Music
classes and then have the opportunity to share their learning with parents and invited guests.

This year, students will present "Our Earth Matters" showcase - with a focus on Ecology and
Civic Responsibility highlighting Arts, Music, Dance and Games .  Students are asked
to wear a solid color shirt if possible in Green, Blue or Brown.

Each performance will last about 30 minutes and will highlight work learned through the students
specials classes.  For the music portion, students will perform through singing, moving and playing instruments.

Please look for your child's class above and save the date and time.  Since there will be two
different performances on each night,  parents and students are asked to arrive only 15 minutes
prior to the performance.

Curriculum Update:

During Reader’s Workshop we have moved  on to a new reading comprehension strategy,
Determining Importance. Identifying the most  important parts and details helps the reader to
deepen their understanding of the text.  Although this is the comprehension strategy that
we are shining the light on at this time, it is important to monitor our comprehension by using
all of the strategies we have been exposed to thus far. Also, we will continue to work on reading
fluency, building stamina as a reader and making sure that we are working with a book that is just right for us.

In writing we are beginning an Informational Writing Unit on Famous Americans. Each student
selected a Famous American that they would be interested in learning more about. The following
bullets are questions/thinking points that will be the focus during this unit:
  • Why was this American considered important in the history of America?
  • What did this American accomplish?
  • How did this accomplishment change the history of American?
  • How is life in America different today because of this person’s accomplishment?
  • Childhood facts.
  • Adult-life facts.
  • Family life.
  • Interesting and fun things from this person’s life.
  • Character traits that helped or hurt this person in their accomplishments.

We are wrapping up unit, Unit 3, How Many Tens? How Many Ones?. The focus of this unit is to
continue to work on whole number operations, addition and subtraction up to 100, and place value.
  • Using a place value model to represent a 2-digit number as tens and ones
  • Finding as many combinations of a 2-digit number as possible, using only tens and ones
  • Recognizing that different combinations of tens and ones for the same number are equivalent ie. 4 tens and 6 ones, are equivalent to 3 tens and 16 ones
  • Identifying and using coin equivalencies to compose 2- digit numbers
  • Determining the difference between a number and multiple of 10 up to 100

Please visit the Math Words and Ideas tab if you would like more information on strategies that we are
using to teach addition and subtraction. Click on Addition & Place Value.

Investigations Game Center: Math Games


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