Thursday, September 14, 2017

September Update

Upcoming Dates:
  • Monday, September 3 - No School (Labor Day)
  • Thursday, September 20th- Digger Dash
  • Friday, September 21st- No School (Professional Learning for Teachers)
  • Thursday, September 27th- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Thursday, October 4th- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 8-12th- Fall Break

Curriculum Update:


During Reader’s Workshop students are working on the following:
  • Learning the routines and rituals that will make Reader’s Workshop successful
  • Choosing Just Right Books- Books that we can read most of the words without difficulty or can use strategies to figure out the hard words
  • Building our stamina to be able to independently read for longer periods of time
  • Recording our thinking while reading
  • Stopping, thinking, and retelling a story to check for comprehension
  • Reading more and more to continue growing
  • Strategies to use when words are tricky

Our first writing unit is Narrative Writing. During this unit students will write short stories based on true events from their lives. By the end of the unit students will be able to:
  • Discovering small moments that matter-generating ideas
  • Tiny Topics- using a notebook to remember topics for writing
  • Stretching out small moments- learning to plan a story by touching each page and saying what they will write
  • Writing a good beginning, middle and end
  • Writing with detail: Magnifying a small moment
  • Bringing characters to life by using talk, feel or actions
  • Setting goals and making plans for writing time
  • Using checklist to self assess and plan for next parts
  • Close Reading: Looking closely at how mentor authors write and trying it
  • Collaborate a partner to help make a story better (revise by listening)
  • Word choice
  • Revising and editing rough drafts
Conventions are a big emphasis:
  • Capital at the beginning of each sentence, for the word ‘I’, and proper nouns
  • Punctuation at the end of each sentence
  • Quotation marks when using dialogue
Our first Investigations Unit is called: Coins, Number Strings and Story Problems. During this unit students will focus on the following:
  • Introduce Math Tools and classroom routines-using Number Lines and The 100 Chart
  • Understand if order matters when adding two or more numbers together
  • Adding and subtracting within 20 using known facts to solve problems
  • Begin to develop fact fluency within 20
  • Compare two quantities
  • Coins
  • Time
  • Solve addition and subtraction story problems, share strategies for solving and ways to record

Civics- Roles, Rights and Responsibilities of responsible community members.

During this unit we described important characteristics of a responsible community member. We learned that people can express their ideas respectfully within a community. We also explored the idea that responsible community members influence the rules, policies, and laws in their communities (including classrooms).
Communities - We are exploring how communities change, reasons for living in a specific community, and the different types of communities.


Each student was given a spelling inventory to identify areas of strength and areas to work on. Students were then divided into groups based on their unique needs. Each week your child will come home with a list of words based on a spelling pattern. Please practice these words with your child (see yellow word study page in homework folder). The idea is that your child learns to identify the pattern (through sorting) but is also able to accurately spell the words as well.


Upcoming Dates: November 6- No school, Election Day Professional Learning for Teachers November 12th-16th Book Fair (you can also shop ...